If you have a green screen behind you, check the box next to “I have a green screen.” Though a green screen isn’t required, it’ll make your background look a lot more realistic. If you don’t have a green screen but see a Download option under “Enable smart virtual background,” click it to emulate a green screen. To choose a background, select one of the options, or click the plus sign to upload your own.

For example, if you’re a financial planner or attorney, consider a professional office or executive desk setting. Likewise, if you’re an elementary school teacher, there are images of classrooms or chalkboard backgrounds that students will enjoy while they are distance learning. For the new Zoom users, the first Download Screensavers software for Windows for free thing to experiment is its virtual background feature.

  • Now, you can choose either “Add Image” or “Add Video” and use any picture or video that’s stored on your computer as a Zoom background.
  • These are priced on a per-month, per-host basis, not per user.
  • Simply copy the link – ready as soon as you end the recording – to share it with your team.

This is all thanks to the excellent interface the platform developers have put together. Keep in mind that depending on your plans for using Zoom, some of these may not apply or be relevant to you. While Zoom is intended for businesses, the size of the company is important.

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If Could not find the Virtual Background option in Zoom App, even after turning it on, then the simple trick to sign out of the app and log in again. Incase of the Mobile Users, the process would be a little different. After joining the meeting, tap on the more option at the bottom of the screen . Without further ado, here we are going to explain step by step procedure on how to change Virtual Background in Zoom application.

Zoom has gradually improved the security features in its platform, and IT administrators need to be proactive about checking for updates that will improve their security posture. Many security issues today occur because administrators aren’t taking advantage of newly-added security configurations. This comparison chart provides a detailed, feature and specifications-oriented comparison of the WebEx and Zoom platforms. We’ve extended our comparison beyond video conferencing and into other aspects each manufacturer offers, such as calling and digital signage.

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Button on your video thumbnail and select Spotlight for Everyone. Once you end the meeting, your video will automatically be sent to your Kaltura account. You will receive an email notification when the video is ready. When you are done recording, click the “Stop Recording” button in the control bar and then click “Leave” at the bottom right. Zoom will ask if you want to leave and keep the meeting running or end the meeting for everyone.

With Zoom open, click on the gear in the upper-right of the window, which will open the Settings window. If you fancy a change of background when in a Zoom smartphone meeting then click the three dots at the bottom of the screen. We have plans available for startups, small/medium businesses, and large enterprises too.